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The sign shop support system you've been missing

The Problem

Hitting that next level and achieving work-life balance ain't easy

You're trying to systemize your shop. Trying to build a better business. One that could function without your day to day firefighting. 🧯🔥're super busy. You're forever short on time. You're spread too thin.

Maybe it's just you. Maybe you've got a great team of employees. But it's still easy to feel like you're working ON the business by yourself.

There's no shortage of resources out there to help you. There are industry associations, business coaches, gurus, forums, groups, books, online courses, frameworks, and every thing else under the sun – all selling you the dream of a better business.

Pay us $20k, watch all 80hrs of video in the 16 course modules, and implement the framework and then BOOM! You'll be successful.
- Guru A from Framework B

Frameworks can be helpful, but I'm yet to find one that puts in all the hard work, time, dedication, sweat, and patience that's required to build a successful sign shop. Only you can do that.

What you're doing is hard. There's no such thing as overnight success – even though we want to believe there is.

When you’re working IN the shop, things are good. They feel easier. Your team helps you fabricate the signs, prints the vinyl, installs the wrap.

When you’re working ON your business, though, you feel like you’re on your own.

AND what happens when you’re on your own? You struggle. 

You’re stuck running circles in your head trying to figure out the answers. Always having to fix it on your own—and it’s frustrating. There’s no else else who understands your business that you can turn to.

You can’t ask your customers how much to charge for your signs or wraps. You can’t ask employees that you need to train how to create the system to train them.

Well wait...those are lies. You could ask customers and employees those things. But it won't be pretty.

The Solution

An exclusive mastermind community built just for you

So what is the Better Sign Shop Mastermind?

We are THE private mastermind community built specifically for sign and graphics shop owners.

It’s a place to learn, to make friends with other business-minded shop owners, and to hit that next level in your business.

Here are reasons you should join our private mastermind community.

Reason 1: Connect with other shop owners like you

Connection will be your first win. Take some comfort knowing you're not alone.

You'll network and make real friendships with shop owners from around the country and the world.

Everyone in the community is just like you. They know your struggles. They know YOU. They've wrestled with the same problems.

Reason 2: Learn from the successes (and losses) of the whole group

It's freeing to be able to ask tough questions without feeling like you're prying into someone else's business. Or without expecting a "smart" answer from some anonymous asshole on the internet.

There's no substitute to learning about what's working and what's not directly from a group of your peers. Peers who are ready and willing to share freely.

With the combined group knowledge, you'll level up way faster than you ever could by yourself.

Sorry! We couldn't resist a chance to include a Captain Planet GIF.

Reason 3: Draw inspiration from your peers

We all need a good nudge from time to time.

And there's nothing like celebrating the wins of other shop owners to push you and light the proverbial fire under your own ass.

Or better yet, inspire another owner. You might not feel like an expert but your experience could make all the difference to another member. Share your own wins and help others level up.

Reason 4: Get detailed answers from experts right when you need them

When I created this group, I promised some friends with serious industry experience free beer for life if they'd join me in leading the group and be at the ready to answer questions with in-depth responses at all times.

Do me a favor and don't tell them there's really no free beer though.

You ask a question and it gets answered.

By me, by our industry experts, by other group memberswho can give you their advice and recommendations. Ask as many questions as you’d like. We’ll get you the answers you need.

We also bring in other outside experts once or twice a month. Group members ask them with questions and the experts drop knowledge on specific topics like systems, marketing, finances, accounting, and more.

We call these AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. It's a format and term we totally stole from Reddit.

Who are our members?

Even though it's a private community, we welcome shops owners from all different points on their journey.

Some members are still new-ish to the industry, others are just a few years from selling their shop and retiring. Every member brings value.

Arthur Meeker Owner at Xtreme Grafx

Originally, I wasn't sure I'd have the time to participate in the group.

But I joined despite that and I learned right away that our shop shared some of the same issues with other shops around the country – employee issues, scheduling, customer relationships and more. It was encouraging to hear that others were brokering out some jobs like we were – even if they had equipment to produce it in-house.

The thing I like most is the combined knowledge within the group. Everyone is a professional and treats each other professionally. Everyone's willingness to help is great. I can ask questions without getting shitty responses from assholes like other FB groups. 

I also really enjoy the topics of our Zoom calls... that hour goes so fast. It's like being at a completely different level talking with other owners and people more into the functions and mechanics of running a shop than working in a shop!

I've came away with more energy and motivation for working on the company than in the company... and I'm focused on finishing the process of streamlining our company.

I have picked up so many little things that we changed in our shop just from listening to others and how they handle things.

If you're a shop owner and you're on the fence, I'd definitely recommend you join the group.

This group is great – easy going and informative. I look forward to the Zoom call every week. The group admins (Bryant, Peter, and Michael) all have great knowledge at all levels in the sign industry and share freely with the others in the group. It's a safe, private group for owners of any size shop that want to grow or just improve the operations of their business.

Chris Fleniken Owner at Real Graphics

The sign and printing industry can at times put you on your own island.

After years in the industry it’s great to make connections with others in VERY similar boats, navigating the same changing waters, and heading towards similar destinations. Getting inspiration, encouragement, direction, and just all around support for this group has been a priceless to me as a business owner. The community and energy I have received out of this group is awesome! 

Gary Ferrell Director of Operation at RP Signs

I’ve been in other, similar groups before that weren’t specific to the signage industry.

They weren’t very helpful and tended to talk about things that didn’t apply to me or my situation.

So many of the members of this group are in a similar situation to me. I may not be the owner of the company I work for, but I can relate to a lot of the issues the other members are having and they relate to mine as well.

My favorite part about the group is just having the ability to go to other sign shops and ask questions about how they run their business. I have always wanted to do that, but the only other companies I knew were my competitors. This group is a great opportunity to find out best practices or helpful tips you never would have known about on your own.

It's also been great to network with other shops that could help us in the future if there's some capabilities we don't have in-house.

I absolutely would recommend this group. It’s a great place to get helpful advice, share your knowledge to help others and find out that you’re not alone in your business. So much of what we deal with feels like you’re the only one going through it. Just to know you’re not alone is a major morale boost.

Ruel Maxwell Managing Owner at Hooked On Print

Because we're in a low income market, pricing would have been the main reason I didn't enter the group.

But it's been worth it's weight in gold so far.

The Better Sign Shop Mastermind group has helped me to see the deficiencies in our business. Lack of processes and procedures to better efficiently run our sign shop.

The willingness to help each other and feed off each other's experiences has been tremendous. The fact that other sign shops at different stages of development are present and in diverse markets is a tremendous help. This I really love.

Josh Dojiba Owner at Dobija World

I'm in Australia, so I wasn't sure if the group calls would work for my schedule.

But I've made it work and have found the group to be very positive. I've learned a lot of great tips for my business and for the mental mindset of running my shop.

The thing I like most about the group are the candid conversions and help + advice from the group members. We are all here to achieve the same result for our life and businesses.

I've met some new friends in our industry but without any guarded mentality.  We speak freely about things going on. And that's been really helpful.

I'd definitely recommend the group to other shops, it’s a great way to get some insight into what other shops are doing.

Dylan Rooney Owner at Signs By Redline

I was a bit concerned about the cost as I had joined another mastermind group before and it was fairly expensive.

It was a lot more strict on you being there weekly as well. I love how the format of this group is open and relaxed.

I've found that everyone sort of has the same issues just on different levels. And that everyone has their own sort of solution and we're able to bounce ideas off each other and see everyone's perspective.

The open format is great, having a main topic every week and leaving it to an open discussion kind of lets it be organic and falls into place.

The connections I've made have been super helpful! Meeting everyone in the group has expanded my sign shop circle. If there's ever a job or an industry question someone in the group has an answer.

The group has also helped me focus on what I need to grow. Whether it be getting the correct SOP's in place, on boarding etc.

If you're looking to expand your knowledge of the sign industry, or even take a step back and re look at the way you run your shop this group is for that. It's laid back, funny, but at the end of it all we are always learning and finding solutions for each other.

What you get

1) Private Facebook Group chat

We use a private Facebook Group as the primary way to talk and connect with each other.

As a shop owner, we think that most of the time you know what you need to be doing. 😆 Doing it can be a different story.

But for those times when you need advice, answers, encouragement, or just want to vent or show off some work, we got you.

Here's what a typical question looks like...

And here's what an answer with the group looks like...

2) Weekly live group (sign shop therapy) call

The highlight of our community – our weekly group call is part mastermind / part therapy session. Connect with other shop owners via Zoom for 45 to 60 min.

We have a specific topic for every week – pricing, sales, marketing, outsourcing, work-life balance – you name it, we've covered it.

Here's an excerpt from one of our calls.

3) Access to all previously recorded calls

Every weekly call is recorded for those who can't make it. And the entire archive of calls is ready whenever you are.

Who doesn't love having "a guy (or gal)" for that? Our members have a suggested a lot of secret vendors you might not of heard of before.

You'll get full access to the database. Share your favorite vendors with the group.

5) Member Directory listing

Connect with other shops within the group. Maybe you need some capabilities you don't have in-house. Maybe you're just traveling and are always looking to network.

Whether you offer trade / wholesale work or whether you're just down to help others within group out when they need help – add your own shop to the directory.

6) Some other kick-ass stuff we'll add later but haven't thought of yet

Receive exclusive content, tools, resources and lots of other stuff we put together for group members.

What's the cost?

Current Annual Dues
$299 per year

We'll be inviting the next round of members soon. Make sure you join the waitlist below. With each successive round, annual dues will go up. So if you're even remotely interested – join now to lock in the price.

For the same or less than you pay for SGIA / ISA membership dues, you'll get 10X or 100X the ROI.

The Better Guarantee

We guarantee you'll get tons of value from the money, time, and energy you invest in this group. If you're not happy, we'll refund you in full – no questions asked.

Who are the experts?

Remember – don't mention the free beer thing to these guys.

The sign shop yoda

Peter Kourounis

Hey y’all My name is Peter Kourounis. I’m a graphic designer and graduate of Devry University with a background in Technical Management and Marketing.

I’ve built my reputation for being an avid enthusiast of the sign and print industries. I had started my sign company, Sign Me Up Signs and Advertising solutions, in 2009 and quickly grew that company to a few corporate-owned locations before franchising the business in 2015 and growing that to over 10 locations in NY, NJ, and PA. 10 years later, along with my partners, decided that we sell the rights to Sign Me Up to Fast Signs international

Now in act two of my career, I’m involved in many things. But I stay active in the industry by offering Sign Shop Consulting and Unlimited Graphic Design services on a monthly retainer for sign shop and print shop companies. I also am an active contributor to the Better Sign Shop Mastermind Facebook group by offering up weekly content on the ins and outs of operating a successful sign shop in today’s current economy.

I’m very excited to bring this platform to you. I sincerely hope that by listening to these episodes on the podcast that you can take these BEST practices and throw them into your operation so that you can find the same operational excellence that we have. I’m very accessible, so if you have any questions, I urge you to reach out to me whenever you want because I am always willing to help out my fellow sign shop and print shop owners.

This guy freaking loves cats!

Michael Riley

Michael is 22+ year veteran of the sign industry, starting out in a small mom-and-pop vinyl shop in Dayton, OH that he bought and grew into a super respected sign and wide format company. After 14 years he sold the company and moved to Portland, OR for a more relaxed life. And he loves cats.

He worked for me at shopVOX as an account manager / coach for over 5 years helping shops like yours improve their workflow and grow their businesses using the software.

The guy has a super deep knowledge of the sign industry from all sides – hand carving and painting, welding, fabrication, electrical repair, installation, management, sales, estimating – you name it.

He now runs his own freelance sign design business - Letterbox Sign Design.

This little piggy stayed home.

Bryant Gillespie

I'm the founder of

But you might also know me from shopVOX. I spent 7 years there working directly with 400+ sign shops and print shops on improving their pricing and workflow. I've spent 1000s of hours talking shop with shop owners of big shops and smaller shops. I’ve seen all sorts of pricing models and complicated spreadsheets. I’ve helped create workflow and systems for sales leads, estimating, order management, and more.

Before that I spent 4.5 years helping a small sign shop in Illinois double revenue to over seven figures in annual sales. I did a little bit of everything in the shop - playing the role of 'get it done guy'. I'm sure you know that one. The owner and I pulled a lot of long hours together (props to you Tim!). It was a lot of fun, but also stressful at times.

Through those experiences, I've seen the industry from a lot of different angles than most ever get to. I've learned what works well, and what doesn’t work so well. In what spare time I have, I help shop owners create better experiences for their customers with marketing, automation, and systems.